It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat 

This year, we are sending 8 university students on a trip of a lifetime to the Amazon Rainforest. Here they will live and work with an Amazonian tribe to build a water pump to aid a better, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for the Huni Kai people.

The teams who have made the shortlist are:

Sustain a Mind, from Plymouth University
Green Warriors, from Sheffield Hallam University
Smart Switch, from Lancaster University
Retrade Bristol, from University of Bristol
The Pocket Size Guide to Saving the World', from University of East Anglia
Green Cycle, from Sheffield Hallam University
Food Traffic, from University of East Anglia
Student Grub, from University of Durham
Coventry Unplugged, from Coventry University
Saving the student helping the planet, from Sheffield Hallam & Sheffield University
Thought for Food, from York University

Congratulations to all the teams. You can follow their progress, support your favorites and see how the competition is heating up by following us on Facebook!

Good Luck to all our teams!