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Everything you need to know about the IT Graduate Scheme

08/12 2016Posted by: npower Resourcing Team Subscribe to this blog

This year marks the launch of the brand new IT Graduate Scheme, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The innogy programme is designed to equip graduates with the skills and experience required to enter the information technology industry, and best of all, you don’t have to be an IT whiz to take up this programme. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

What does IT at innogy cover?

When you join innogy, you’re joining an international organisation that employs staff throughout the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic. This international scope means that while graduates receive UK exposure and support from their fellow UK graduate cohort, they’ll also experience the IT functions of other nations. With the function linked across the group, we work as an IT unit, as opposed to being segregated by country, and this new programme will feature both UK-based and international placements.

The energy sector is currently at the forefront of some of the biggest technology trends and you could be working on projects that will enhance the lives of millions. Intelligent homes & connected cars, smart grids & appliances and distributed energy trading are a just a few disruptive examples that are changing the way we live and work, and to become a market leader in this new world, innogy has placed technology at the heart of our strategy.

From the core to the edge, we are challenging the traditional business models and our international teams are collaborating on new digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and 'connected things'. Whether you're a hands on techie, a data guru, budding analyst or blue sky thinker, you could join us as we become the energy company of the future.

What is the IT Graduate Scheme?

This is the first time innogy has hosted this particular programme and the first time IT graduates have been recruited in the UK since 2009. We’re looking to bring fresh, young and enthusiastic people into the business to join us as we embark on the exciting new tech chapter ahead.

The scheme spans 18 months and ensures graduates receive a foundation level of IT training and capability in order to transition into the workforce upon finishing the scheme. Graduates will complete 4-5 placements, including one internationally, learning all the soft and practical skills required to push the IT function of innogy forward. We aim to show the next generation of IT heroes how the function fits together across all our sites, giving them an overarching understanding of tech at Innogy.

Because the innogy IT function has moved away from purely coding and developing and more toward the management and coordination of technology within the business, we’re looking for people who have a more generalist ability. This means superior communication and business skills, with an interest in IT being an obvious benefit.

What training do IT graduates receive?

If you think the IT scheme involves sitting in front of a computer all day, you’re wrong. This generalist course covers project management training, a professional ITIL qualification and developer training in the latest web and mobile technologies. Our in-house experts run courses on IT architecture and security, ensuring participants come away with an all-inclusive understanding of how things work in the information technology world. Graduates’ technical training is complemented by a soft skills training programme which covers stakeholder management, networking, presentation skills and project management.

With a small intake and huge potential for technological development at innogy, graduates will receive intensive training and development that will effectively last for the duration of the programme. Where possible, we’ll train the whole IT cohort (across countries) as one unit, allowing graduates to develop valuable tech skillsets while meeting others in the programme.

What are the placements like?

Grads complete four or five placements throughout the programme and have the opportunity to attend international meetups with fellow IT enthusiasts across Europe. The placements, which last either three or six months each, are always moving and adapting to flex with the changing nature of technology. Senior mentors are on-hand to help support the personal and professional development of those in the course, preparing them for their future careers with innogy. Mentors also assist graduates with choosing placements, which includes an international placement in Europe and a non-IT placement. Because the IT intake is fairly small, the business has the opportunity to work closely with graduates on a one-to-one basis and plan placements around interests and specialisms.

Do I need to have an IT degree?

We’ll go into this in more detail in the next blog, but it’s important to note that the scheme is open to a variety of graduates, not just those who have studied IT. Confidence and brilliant communication skills are as important as an interest in IT.

We encourage graduates who have studied psychology, history, geography, languages and other analytical subjects to apply. If you’re a logical thinker with a relevant degree and an interest in working in the exciting, rapidly developing field of IT, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Apply now!
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