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From Smart Meter Installer to Field Team Manager: A Day in the Life

11/08 2017Posted by: 4mat 4mat, 4mat Subscribe to this blog

The Smart meter revolution is well and truly underway at npower, with rollouts expected to be ongoing across England, Scotland and Wales over the next three years. As households get set to welcome these pieces of technological wizardry, we’ve turned our attention to the technicians behind it all – the Installers and Field Team Managers who make it all happen.

We spoke to Mark Powell and Chris Morris, both of whom have a wealth of experience in smart meter installation and management. They ran us through their day-to-day life with npower.

What are the most important tasks you have as a Smart Meter Installer?

In essence, the job is all about fitting smart metering to domestic properties to tie in with the mass rollout around the UK.

“This must be done in a safe manner, giving good service and information to each customer,” says Chris.

Mark echoes this sentiment, saying, “Carrying out the job safely is the most important task.”

What are the best things about working as a Smart Meter Installer?

“I found meeting new people on a daily basis the most enjoyable part,” says Mark. Our installers socialise outside work and enjoy each other’s company, which makes for a brilliant team to be part of.

Along with this, he points to the work/life balance as being the best part of the job.

“Working as a smart meter installer at Npower gives you plenty of time to enjoy life outside work.”

Chris found installation a satisfying process, saying he enjoyed being able to look back at a complicated job and know that he’d got a neat and tidy result for the customer.

Why should someone become a Smart Meter Installer?

“It’s a varied job with lots of benefits,” says Mark. “You are able to use your skills to overcome problems, calling on your peers for help if needed. It’s also a job where progression is actively encouraged.”

How did you progress from an Installer to a Field Team Manager (FTM)?

Mark started life as an FTM by providing holiday cover.

“My progression from installer to FTM started with covering for my manager whilst he was on courses or holiday,” he says. Other FTMs provided support and assistance, and he also attended various training courses to help develop his skills.

Meanwhile, Chris is enjoying a similar entry into the role.

“I am not a fully-fledged FTM as yet,” he says. “I have been a stand in FTM (covering holidays and sickness) for many years, and was given a team of my own in preparation for the ramp up of smart installations.”

What are the best things about life as an FTM?

Chris enjoys the chance to help others learn. He cites his favourite part of the job as “being able to pass my knowledge and experience on to my team members. Some guys have just recently been trained through modern apprenticeships, and they often look for that little bit of advice.”

Mark enjoys helping his team to achieve their goals whilst giving them the support to carry out their roles.

“I really enjoy team briefs which enable us to get together on a monthly basis to discuss what’s happening in the business, along with safety updates, and to have a coffee and a chat with each other.”

Join us!

We’re currently looking for more skilled and enthusiastic people to join our Smart Meter team across the UK. For the latest vacancies, please click here.
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