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Resourcing at innogy: Our journey so far

22/11 2016Posted by: npower Resourcing Team Subscribe to this blog

Our Resourcing Team plays an integral role in supporting a huge number of teams within the npower, innogy and Renewables businesses. It’s our very own in-house function formed to improve our recruitment activity and reduce the requirement for recruitment agencies, and it’s been going from strength to strength since 2011.

Changing times, changing teams

When the team was first implemented we were focused largely on the cost savings we could achieve through this new process and the minimisation of our reliance on external recruiters. Now, the resourcing model is absolutely thriving and we’re seeing more and more how much of an impact this function can have on the future of the business. We have achieved this through our ongoing focus on continuous improvement. We conduct regular surveys with everyone who has an interaction with the Resourcing Team, whether that’s people who’ve just joined the business or those who have interviewed for roles but been unsuccessful. We also check in with hiring managers who’ve worked with us to place someone, along with agencies we’ve provided a service to. Three months into a role we’ll check in to see how the successful candidate is doing and how they are developing. It’s really important to us that everyone experiences a well-rounded life cycle with the recruitment process.

The information and feedback we collect from these touchpoints helps us to understand how we can improve the level of service we provide and the processes we work on, both within the business and externally. We’re also launching a series of best practice videos for hiring managers on preparing for interviews and assessments.

Working with hiring managers

We work closely with hiring managers when they recruit for new roles. Our Resource Specialists manage the end-to-end lifecycle of a vacancy alongside the hiring manager, consulting with them throughout to provide advice on the best tools, techniques and processes for hiring. Similarly, when we identify recruitment trends and common feedback from candidates, we pass this on to hiring managers to help them improve their processes and develop new best practice techniques. While we’re involved in recruitment all day every day, we know hiring managers aren’t and therefore do everything we can to improve their knowledge in this area.

Working with the Resourcing Administration team

Part of our team’s development over the years has involved the integration of the Resourcing Administration function within the broader Resourcing Team. This has been an incredibly positive development for us and allows us to work much more closely with this integral part of the business. This has seen the gap between the two functions decrease significantly, with one Resourcing Admin team member making the move to a Resourcing Specialist since the teams were integrated. We love promoting internally so this was a real win for us.

Fitting in with the team

One of the most essential things we look for when recruiting in to the resourcing team is the right behaviour and team fit. The skills of a good recruiter are equally as essential but so too is the ability to adapt to the corporate environment of our business while working in a geographically split team (we have a Resourcing function in Durham, Solihull and Swindon). We work in an agile environment and all pitch in to help cover the peaks in workload as they arise, so people who have a can-do, team-friendly attitude tend to thrive in our team. We also are big proponents of sharing both knowledge and candidates, which benefits both the team and the business.

Why join us?

Along with a great team and agile environment, we offer the ability to manage your own career development where you really do get out what you put in. Our team is exposed to many different business areas and operators within the energy industry, plus you get to be part of one of the UK’s big six energy companies.

We’re always interested in people who would like to join the team and talk about their future with npower, innogy and Renewables. If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, get in touch with Catherine Wright at or Vicky Barrett at
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