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Which kind of team member are you?

15/06 2017Posted by: npower Resourcing Team Subscribe to this blog

Which kind of team member are you? No matter which school of management you subscribe to, one rule remains true in offices all over the world: Teamwork is crucially important in the work place.

Studies show
that diverse groups can outperform the best individual team members, as long as the group is made up of people who are nearly as good as those star solo performers. Meanwhile, just under three quarters of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as being very important in the workplace, suggesting the focus isn’t slipping away from how you interact with others any time soon.

With that in mind, it’s time to consider the type of member you are in the office, and how this contributes to not only how you work, but also how you are perceived by others in the workplace. Take a look through the following profiles and find out where you fit in!

The leader

You’re a leader if you naturally assume responsibility, take ownership of projects and ensure others you work with are on track to deliver a positive result.

Every team needs a leader, and there may be many who exhibit leadership tendencies within your workplace. They are often high-energy, confident and determined people, adept at controlling outcomes and persuading others to work in line with them. If you’re a leader, you’ll take initiative, keep yourself and others on track during group projects, whilst bringing in great results for your company. You’re a natural fit for management positions and those that involve making high-level decisions and working under pressure. Executive and strategic roles could be a great fit for you.

Watch out for speaking over top of your team members, taking a domineering approach to group work and becoming impatient with others.

The nurturer

You’re a nurturer if you love encouraging others and bringing out their best work, you try to keep all members of the team happy and engaged, and you’re prepared to sacrifice some of your own glory for the good of the team’s success.

The nurturer, also known as the compromiser, is a vital component of any functioning workplace. They can be found in any department around the office, however they are at their best when they are training or mentoring others. They’re positive, enthusiastic and kind members of staff who work for the good of the business, whilst providing a welcoming, warm work environment for new staff and those who need extra encouragement. As diplomatic good listeners, nurturers are ideal for customer service jobs.

Watch out for other people taking the credit for your hard work, or being drained by a needy or co-dependent team member.

The researcher

You’re a researcher if you’re often coming up with new ideas and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. You’re an expert in your field and love introducing new tools and techniques to the team.

Researchers are ideas people, constantly working and innovating to not only make their jobs easier and more effective, but also those of the team. These people are analytical workers and often end up in engineering and technical fields, where they can apply their logical minds and constantly hone and tweak their craft. Researchers are constantly asking questions and aren’t afraid to challenge ideas in group settings, and they are typically less concerned with rules and regulations if they get in the way of finding their solution.

Watch out for getting bogged down in the minutiae of a project, failing to see the bigger picture and ignoring roles and policies.

The communicator

You’re a communicator if you’re happiest talking to others, with an aptitude for writing and convincing other people to do or think something. You like to share ideas and are social by nature.

Communicators can be the life of the party, known for their charm and ease of befriending others, but they are also persuasive and hard working when it comes to getting a job done. They are often the most well-connected people in the workplace and can gravitate towards sales and marketing roles. Strong in team and client meetings, communicators are warm, confident and always keep others in the loop.

Watch out for letting your love of talking get in the way of work, being too persuasive and nosy.

Put it to work

If you can identify yourself in one or more of the above team member types, you may have learnt a bit more about what your strengths and weaknesses are in the office environment. Why not put it to work? We have a range of exciting career opportunities open to all different types of team members. Take a look at them here.
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