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Energy Risk & Forecast Management Jobs

Helping us stay ahead of the game

Understanding, managing and pricing risk: it’s a discipline that’s right at the heart of our business. As you’ll know, the opportunities here are wide-ranging and challenging – but they’ll appeal to you if you have a strong analytical background.

You might be interested in our quantitative teams, developing sophisticated models to forecast and price market, credit and operational risks. Or you may be drawn to our hedging and execution teams, which would immerse you in structuring and managing transactions within our trading arm, ensuring that market risks are appropriately managed.

Whatever aspect of risk you’re involved in, you’ll be helping to embed excellence as a cornerstone of our operation in the end to end risk process.

Your project management capabilities and passion for continuous improvement could be applied in contract and credit management, or in infrastructure projects to streamline the way customer requirements are monitored and priced.

But staying ahead of the game means anticipating future customer trends and emerging industry and market risks. So this means there are exciting opportunities for individuals who like combining financial and analytical thinking with creative problem-solving.

In our margin optimisation team, you could be innovating and developing new products in response to these trends, while ensuring our portfolio of products and customers is robust to the risks we face. Roles in our industry networks and agreements team would involve you in influencing and acting on far-reaching industry changes – whichever team you join, you’ll be playing a central role in driving forward our excellence in energy risk management.

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