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Executive & Strategy jobs

From our power stations to our household products, it’s our strategic thinkers that drive change, provide insights, and deliver the vision that empowers our business and its leaders.

Because we want to maximise value for our customers and shareholders, it’s crucial for us to continually evolve our business – to shape it, and to shape the markets we’re working in.

As a result, if you want to join us in a strategic role or as an executive manager you’ll almost definitely need to possess an exceptional, enquiring mind – but we’re open to a flexible range of initial competencies. That could be well-developed interpersonal skills, creative thinking or simply great initiative.

You might be expected to manage and develop broad, varied strategic projects across the UK value chain, help originate marketing and acquisition activity or contribute insights and understanding to the business and its processes.

What’s certain, is that you’ll possess drive and dynamism that can help shape our business. If that sounds like you, please browse this section to find out what roles we have available.

Latest Jobs

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