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Quantitative Risk Graduate Programme

Creating exceptional value products and services is what we do best here at npower. To do this, we manage hundreds of millions of pounds of financial risks each year; so it’s a key focus for the business.

Over the course of 18 months, our expert training and support will help you become a specialist quantitative analyst. What’s more, you’ll learn to harness cutting-edge modelling techniques that will enable you to develop innovative solutions to the risks we face in the energy industry. Devising methods to tackle market, derivative, credit or operational risks will all be part of your role. You’ll also touch on pricing and setting trading limits, as well as designing and valuing transactions, like exotic hedges and sales.


The scheme will provide you with a wealth of experience and you’ll be presenting your findings to senior management from the moment you start.

Over 18 months, your placements will give you the opportunity to apply all of your academic understanding of Quantitative Finance to real situations and take on real commercial issues.

You will be assigned to exciting placements which could include:

Structuring and valuation of risks in sales

Structuring and valuation of risks in hedge transactions

Portfolio risk modelling Risk controlling

Our industry is undertaking fundamental changes embracing new technologies and new thinking to deliver better consumer interaction and a low-carbon future. npower is redesigning itself accordingly and is making good progress - but we need your help. Do you have what it takes to work in this changing environment? We want YOU to be the difference for our company and play a vital role in our fight to become the country’s most agile energy supplier. The experience you’ll gain in this fast paced business will give you huge opportunities for career development.

Job Title: Quantitative Risk
Closing Date: 31st May 2017
Assessment Centre Date: 14th June 2017
Salary: From £30,000 with bonus and an excellent reward package plus a joining bonus of £2,500
Locations: Solihull and Swindon. (Opportunities are available for an international placement.)
Entry Requirements: Master's degree (or higher) related to Maths Finance, including Finance Modelling

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