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What we look for

At npower we’re looking for future leaders from our graduate population, and that means we want you to demonstrate what we call our Leadership DNA. Our DNA is made up of a number of behaviours, which together demonstrate what we look for and expect from our business leaders.

Throughout the process we’ll be assessing you against our DNA, but also other behaviours/abilities that we look for in an entry level candidate. For example, as our business becomes more digital we’re looking for graduates who are digitally competent and embrace digital solutions to problems. We’re also looking for students who can demonstrate resilience, the industry is changing and we need people who thrive in a turbulent environment.

For certain schemes you’ll need to also have other skill sets, for example in Finance we’d look for numerate abilities, and for our business leadership programme we’ll be especially keen on finding candidates with excellent business communication skills. You’ll be assessed on these throughout the process, which you can learn more about on our recruitment process page.

  • Develop Self
  • Drive Performance
  • Be Customer Centric
  • Innovate
  • Make Change Happen

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