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Commercial Analyst Graduate Programme

Our scheme

The scheme will allow you to complete a variety of placements over a 2 year period, giving you exposure to a range of commercial and analytical roles within our business segments. Each placement brings its unique challenge and opportunity for you to develop to become a future leader within npower.

The scheme is a dynamic programme within a fast moving environment where commercial decisions need to be provided in an effective and efficient manner whilst maintaining a high level of engagement with stakeholders from across the business.

You will explore:
  • Hedging (buying gas and electricity from the commodity markets)
  • Market and industry pricing dynamics, applying best in class credit risk techniques
  • Creating and managing new products and services for our large business customers
  • Optimising big topics in the industry including the SMART metering journey
  • Being part of bid teams, structuring multi-million pound tenders and gaining and utilising commercial awareness
  • Determining effective ways of working to maximise business efficiency

What we look for

As a Commercial Analyst graduate, you will:
  • Have strong analytical ability; able to grasp the detail and appreciate the wider context whilst making energy simple for our customers
  • Demonstrate the confidence to make risk based decisions and apply logical reasoning to solve complex problems with imperfect information
  • Display willingness and confidence to meaningfully engage with stakeholders
  • Evidence a keen interest in analysing and interpreting numerical data
  • Identify how prioritisation of work, speed of thought and commerciality are essential to this scheme

Essential Information

Entry Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in any Analytical/Numerical subject
Base Location: Solihull and/or Swindon
Scheme duration: 2 years
Salary: Starting salary of £26,500 with an excellent reward package. You’ll also get a £2,500 joining bonus
Assessment Centre date/s: 1st February & 8th February 2018
Live chat date for Commercial Analyst: 8th November 2017
Live chat date for all schemes: 11/10, 18/10, 25/10 & 6/12
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