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Commercial Analyst

Main Purpose of Job

This is a two-year programme made up of four six-month placements. Most of these will be in our core energy risk management and commercial areas, Retail Energy Management and the Commercial departments of each business segment. You’ll also have a chance to do a placement in a customer-facing role if you want to get a more complete view of the company.

Principle Accountabilities

Our Retail Energy Management team is responsible for pricing and buying all the gas and electricity that our customers need, and managing the cost of getting it to where it’s needs to go. The Commercial departments of our domestic, small business and large business segments decide the price we charge our customers and develop the products to meet their needs.

No two placements in this part of the business are the same, each has its own challenges you’ll need to face and expertise you’ll need to develop to add value to the business. You could be responsible for hedging (buying gas and electricity from the commodity markets), creating new products and services for our customers or– once you’ve built up your knowledge and experience in the industry– you could be involved in lobbying the Government or Ofgem for industry change.

During your time on the scheme you will be given the choice of spending a placement in a customer-facing role. Here, you could be responsible for managing a small team dealing with sales or handling complaints. We’ll make sure that you get a real insight into what the challenges are that face our company, also make sure that you seize every opportunity and lead from the front.

We offer placements that will give you the chance to innovate, develop or enhance techniques to give the business with greater income certainty. There are lots of possibilities across our diverse business for a motivated self starter, and each role will offer you interesting challenges in terms of the size, value and complexity of the risks you’ll be responsible for managing. It is an essential part of the programme that you change placement every 6 months to ensure you are getting the most from this exciting opportunity.

Application Form

Once you have started your application form, you will not be able to save and complete it later part way through.

You will be asked the following competency based questions when completing the application form. We advise preparing for these before starting your application:

1. Tell us about a time where you've actively pushed yourself outside your comfort zone? What was the situation, why did you do it and what was the result or benefit? What challenges did you face doing this and how did you overcome them? (4000 characters)

2. What's been your most creative idea or initiative to date? What did you do and why? (4000 characters)

3. Can you tell us about a time where you've had to deal with challenging customers? What was the situation, how did you respond and what was the overall outcome? (4000 characters)

Essential Information

The assessment centre for this role will be held in June, once you have completed your application we will be in touch with the next steps.

Duration: The scheme consists of four placements over two years. Each placement lasts for six months
Closing Date: Closed
Salary: Starting salary of £26,000 with an excellent reward package. You’ll also get a £2,500 joining bonus
Locations: Swindon and Solihull
Entry Requirements: A bachelors (or higher) degree in a Numerical or Analytical subject
Start Date: September 2017


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