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Internships and Placements

We recruit summer interns for 6-8 week placements starting early July and running through to Mid-August. We have paid placements available in a range of different business areas which will mostly mirror our graduate schemes; Commercial Analyst, Commercial & Marketing, Business Transformation, Digital and Customer Services. Please be aware that we don’t currently offer internships in IT or Engineering business areas.

To secure yourself a summer internship you’ll need to apply to one of our competitions.

For an analytical placement, you should consider applying to our Forecasting Challenge

For all other business placements you should consider applying for our npowering weekend competition.


Analytical / Commercial Analyst


General Business

For more information on the types of summer internships available please refer to our FAQ

Placement Years

We don’t currently recruit placement students through a central programme but we do get requests from the business regularly throughout the year.

In the past we’ve recruited for placement year students in our credit risk department, our procurement department and our digital department – so keep checking back to this page and our usual job posting page for opportunities.

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