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Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will change depending on the programme you’re applying to, but most will follow the process below.

Please note, for Finance, Engineering & Quantitative Risk, you will be required to complete a numerical reasoning test.

Application form > SJT/Numerical > Video Interview > Assessment Centre

Also, be sure to check out our Live Chat dates whilst your undertaking the recruitment process, you’ll be able to log on and chat to our team weekly, to find out more about the schemes and get some hints and tips before tackling the next step in the assessment process.

Schemes Live Chat dates
All schemes 11th October, 18th October, 25th October
Commercial & Marketing 1st November
Commercial Analysis 8th November
IT 9th November
Business Transformation 15th November
Finance 16th November
Customer Services 22nd November
Quantitative Risk 23rd November
Digital 29th November
All Schemes 6th December
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