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Our Recruitment Process

At npower we do our best to ensure all candidates have a great experience when applying for a role with us, and it’s important to us that as a candidate you know what to expect from us before you submit your application.

Resourcing Team Manager Adrian Wightman explains why npower joined the Good Recruitment Campaign, why they want to adhere to the nine key principles of the campaign and how they use it to be better recruiters.

Please click the buttons to find out more about each stage of our recruitment process.

RWE npower Recruitment Process Job Register

When you first apply for a role we’ll ask you to register on our website – it’s quick and easy to do and you can even register using one of your existing social media profiles.

RWE npower Recruitment Process Job Apply

Once registered you’ll need to fill out a short application form online to apply for the role you’re interested in; this includes attaching your CV (we do not accept covering letters) and filling out a basic information form plus a diversity form. Once submitted, you will receive an automatic email notifying you that you’re application has been received. Please make a note of the closing date of the vacancy when you apply.

RWE npower Recruitment Process Job CV Review

Following the closing date, one of our Resourcing Specialists will be reviewing your CV. At this point you may receive a phone call from our team to clarify a few details from your CV such as previous job history, relevant qualifications or salary expectations. If you are unsuccessful at this stage we will notify you by email, unfortunately due to volume of applications we are unable to provide feedback at this stage.

RWE npower Recruitment Process Job CV Screening

Following the telephone screen your CV will be passed to the hiring manager to review. The hiring manager may want to conduct further testing before organising face to face interviews. Your Resourcing Specialist will keep you informed about which assessments, if any, are included in the process. Further assessments may include:
• Telephone interview
• Psychometric testing such as:
• Numerical Reasoning
• Verbal Reasoning
• Logical Reasoning
• Situational Judgement Test

RWE npower Recruitment Process Job Assessment

The final stage will be either a face to face interview or an assessment centre, depending on the role you’ve applied for. Your Resourcing Specialist will let you know what you can expect from the day but we would highly recommend you research the company and our values before attending.

RWE npower Recruitment Process Job Post Assessment

If you are unsuccessful following your face to face interview we will give you feedback to help you for future vacancies you may apply for.
If you are successful in securing the role with us we will phone you to offer and discuss the next steps of the process to ensure you have a great on boarding journey with us at RWE.
After your interview we will be sending you a survey to give us feedback on your experience, we would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to fill this in when you receive it.

About The Good Recruitment Campaign

This campaign was set up to promote good recruitment practice for UK employers, regardless of their size or sector. We recognise that it is vital that high quality recruitment behaviour carries through all aspects of the resourcing process and this charter, designed by businesses for businesses, helps to ensure this happens.

We’re among 40 of the biggest employers in the country that are dedicated to this important cause; others include Santander and Kellogg’s. The charter itself has nine statements each reflecting good recruitment actions covering areas such as communication, adaptive work practice and addressing youth employment measures.

The charter works to provide the best possible experience for candidates during their recruitment process and beyond. It aims to help organisations refresh their strategies for recruitment and leave all entrants satisfied with their recruitment process, no matter the outcome.

You can learn more about the campaign here and by taking a look at the charter below.