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Smart Metering Jobs

Smart is critical to the future success of npower. Here on the programme we’re looking to recruit additional people to our team who can ensure the knowledge and expertise they’ll gain in Smart is part of npower’s long term success.

These are real Smart people who love working with us, and one day it could be you. Find out more and browse our current job vacancies below.

The Smart journey is the introduction of Smart Gas and Electricity Meters into all residential properties - and some smaller businesses - in the UK.

In 2009 the European Parliament stipulated that at least 80% of people should have intelligent electric metering systems by 2020. And so, in 2011, the UK government committed to the national roll out of smart meters across Great Britain kicking off one of the biggest national infrastructure projects ever.

The UK needs more than 53 million smart meters by 2020, and here in npower we’ll be installing more than 5 and a half million of those.

Smart meters work remotely using a device called a communications hub. This hub can send different kinds of information, such as tariff changes and a regular update of energy consumption, backwards and forwards between the customer and their energy supplier.

Smart metering will feel very different for many of our customers. By checking their Smart Energy Display unit at home, customers will be able to see their real time energy use in pounds and pence - perhaps making the direct connection between the energy they use and how much it costs for the first time. We know from our research, people are very interested in this and begin to think about energy and energy efficiency in a whole new way.

Regular consumption readings taken remotely mean they won’t have to stay in for the meter reader, and they’ll have access to up-to-the-minute information which in turn produces accurate bills.

So as estimated bills become a thing of the past and energy use becomes clearer for our customers, a whole new opportunity is created for npower. Our relationship with the customer will fundamentally change as we focus on other ways to give increasing value as their energy supplier. Questions will be less about the accuracy of bills and estimated readings, and more about their Smart Metering equipment, how it works and how to be energy efficient.

In the future there’ll be Smart pre-payment meters and the ability for customers to change seamlessly from one Smart supplier to another. New products and applications will enter into the market allowing customers to top up from their Smart phone or turn their boiler off when they’re on holiday. And as we begin to get a better understanding of customers precise energy use, we can talk to them about energy efficient products, new tariffs, and ways to save money.

In this way npower can truly add value through individually tailored conversations and solutions, enabling us to reach our goal of becoming no.1 for customer experience.

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Career Area: Engineering & Technical
Smart Meter Installers Coventry
South Coventry
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£27,000 + Bonuses
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