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"The job comes with a raft of benefits, wage structure, annual pay increase, sickness pay, good holiday allowance, all PPE and uniform and tools provided plus transport to do you job. Training is very good too."

"There is a very good culture and work ethic at npower aligned with a good staff/management relationship. Work colleagues are all very good and very helpful in the day to day running of the business."

"The people who are perfect for npower are self-motivated and focused, someone who is prepared to work hard to move the business forward but also enjoy the benefits of being employed by a very good company."

"Development with my current position has been very IT oriented with full office suite integration, IOSH training, fire warden qualification, management courses from managing people to disciplinary cases."

"The best thing is the flexibility to work in the office and then out on site with the team . As I have done the jobs that the lads have done it gives me great satisfaction when you can  pass your experience on to help to increase an operatives confidence."

"The person that would be perfect to work for Npower is a caring and enthusiastic person who wants to deliver a good job. They need to be very flexible and a good communicator who can go that extra mile to satisfy the customer."

"The role has changed over the years it has migrated from a contracting business to a metering business and my experience as changed as well."