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About Smart Metering

Smart is crucial to npower’s success, and we know that recruiting the right people to join us on this journey is critical. As we introduce Smart Gas and Electricity Meters into all residential properties, we’ll need skilled engineers to help us install these systems safely and effectively. While we have been maintaining meters for more than 30 years, Smart meters mark a new era for us and present new recruitment opportunities.

By 2020, the UK will need more than 53 million Smart meters, of which we at npower will be installing more than 5.5 million. In order to do this, we need qualified people who are reliable, customer focused and committed to helping us drive this change into the future.

We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to perform your work, including the appropriate PPE. We take health and safety extremely seriously and will ensure you receive all the training you need to remain safe and secure in the workplace. We’ll also provide Smart training so that every installer knows how the systems work.

For more information on the roles we have available, see our Smart vacancies here