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The way we work at npower

What’s better than a rewarding career in an engaging environment with talented, inspirational colleagues? If you listen to an increasing body of international research, the answer is simple: All of the above, along with the added bonus of flexibility.

Working in an agile and flexible way is becoming increasingly sought after by workers in the UK and around the world, but research shows that there’s a big gap between people who want a flexible work environment and those who actually get it.

Working in an agile way gives freedom to employees and employers with regard to when, where and how they work.

A new way to work

We all know that work is a big part of our lives, so we’re making it easier to balance the time we spend working with the time we spend with friends and family. Working in an agile way is fast becoming the way we do things at npower as it empowers our people to find their own optimal work style, choosing where, when and how they undertake their tasks in order to complete their objectives.

We’re creating some exciting new workspaces across all of our sites that move away from the traditional office set-up, enabling our teams to decide where they will work for the day and how they collaborate with each other. Integrating these pioneering workplaces and flexible technology enables our workforce to have choice in the way they carry out their tasks. Whether this means working in different spaces around the office, working at home, in a café or at an airport, it can help us on our journey to become a sustainable market leading energy retailer.

There are loads of new spaces around the office from sofas to project tables and quiet pods; take your pick. Go for a walk or sit in a coffee shop near the office. You’ll find yourself re-energised and more relaxed. Within npower, it gives many of our team members the option to work wherever they like. It also allows our employees with children and other personal commitments the opportunity to fit their work around their lifestyles.

What's in it for me

Balancing your work and home life. By giving you the right technology and workplace choices to carry out your job, you will be more able to balance your home life with your work life. The ability to work at different hours and in different locations will allow you to make better use of your free time. As an example this approach is also very helpful for those with young children, so why not collect them from nursery and log back on once they’ve gone to bed to finish your tasks? Our agile working approach lets you get all these jobs done.

A better working environment

No space is owned in designated agile workspaces. That means that you can't reserve any space apart from meeting rooms found on the booking system. Break out areas and project desks enable you to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, while meeting rooms and quiet rooms will allow for more formal or confidential discussions. Workstation space isn’t fixed, meaning that you can move around the office from day to day, which may be beneficial in terms of networking and communication with different employees.