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Top three reasons why our people love working at npower

Our people are our biggest asset, and we know that in order to attract and develop the best in the business, we need to look after them. That’s why we have a range of programmes and benefits designed to not only enhance our team members’ skills, but also to improve their working lives.

One of the ways we ensure our people are happy working with us is by conducting an annual company-wide survey to assess overall positivity and wellbeing. The 2018 Organisational Health Index survey saw high levels of participation and more than 3,000 comments, giving us a comprehensive picture of our staff’s perception of the business.

From the survey, we saw three major themes emerge in terms of why people love working at npower. Here’s why our people love what they do:

Customer Focus
Our aim as a business is to be recognised for customer experience in our industry. Our survey shows that we are making significant progress in this area, with comments stating that npower is transparent with customers, we make improvements that have a positive impact on the end customer and develop knowledgeable employees who inspire and nurture the customer. By hiring the best people, we are better equipped to interact with our customers and ensure we do work that makes things better for them.

Rewards and Recognition
We’re committed to recognising and rewarding our staff at npower. We have a wide range of benefits available across the business, from healthcare and life assurance to agile working and childcare policies. This commitment was recognised in our survey, where respondents were positive about our rewards system and its ability to empower people. Team members can share praise and recognition using Applause, our internal recognition system, and develop their knowledge and skills under npower’s development programmes.

Continuous Improvement
It’s no secret that, as a business, we are constantly looking to do and be better. This was reflected in our survey, where we were perceived to be an innovative company of the future with a positive, challenging culture that embraces change. Our wealth of experience in the continuous improvement field was recognised, and we will strive to ensure we build on this into the future.

These are just three of the many reasons why our team members enjoy working at npower. Find out the rest for yourself: Browse our latest jobs to get started.

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