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We pride ourselves on looking after our people, the communities we operate in, the customers we serve and the environment within which we live.

About npower

Following European competition approval, E.ON is now the majority owner of npower and its parent company, innogy. The combination of the two companies is a unique opportunity to build a new sustainably successful company in the UK, enabling customers to take advantage of smart, sustainable, and personalised energy solutions. We’ve invested in new systems and processes that will help us to achieve this but what we still need is you. Our size, diversity and working environment are just some of the reasons why you should consider a role with us. Our people are our business.

Business Principles

We have something that we call our ‘statement of business principles’. It describes the basic principles of how we do business, which should be applied by everyone who works here. It’s an important document so please take the time to read it when you can.


Our Brand is not just what we say or how we look. It’s who we are and what we do.

It’s the promise we make to our customers and the actions we all take to keep that promise, time and time again. It helps unite what we do on the inside, and shows everyone on the outside what we’re all about.

At npower, our focus is not just ‘energy’ but how we can simplify our customers’ busy lives. We do this by creating products and services that are simple and easy.

When we get this right, families of Britain can focus on what's most important to them - doing the things they enjoy and spending time with people they care about.

Critical Behaviours

Our Critical Behaviours are a framework of consistent factors that promote collaboration and focus across the busines. When we can demonstrate our Critical Behaviours, day in, day out, we think we'll be working at our best.

They're how we want to work as a team, transforming our business. They're a fundamental part of improving the way we work. Behaving consistently helps us drive our organisation's performance:

- they help us to achieve better results, faster
- they ensure we have clear priorities, share ideas and improve outcomes
- they ensure we treat everyone with respect and dignity at all times - recognising the diversity for our workforce and become a winning team.

Corporate Responsibility

From our Health through Warmth scheme to our partnership with Macmillan, being responsible is fundamental to our business. We know that you, our employees, think it's important for us to do business in the right way.

With that in mind, we define our business commitments in four ways. We:

- consider environmental, ethical and societal impacts when making business decisions.
- take part in activities that have a social and/or environmental benefit.
- work with our stakeholders to ensure we understand their needs and concern’s and we consult them when we have difficult or controversial decisions to make.
- we ensure our employees understand and are engaged with the social and environmental issues that are critical to our business


Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion means we continually seek to improve our policies, procedures and codes of practice to ensure our employees, potential employees and other workers are treated equally, fairly and on merit.

We recognise that our people are our most valuable asset. So we're keen to understand the potential challenges they face, and find out how we can break down those barriers to ensure everyone feels valued and included.

We firmly believe a diverse and inclusive workplace plays an integral role in creating a high-performing, customer-orientated culture. By valuing the differences in our people and recognising their unique contributions, we create a culture that enables us to attract, recruit and retain talented people. Individuals can develop and realise their full potential, working with us.

In fact, we're aware that our future success depends significantly on the skills, knowledge and personal experiences of the people we employ. Only by building diverse teams, and encouraging people at every level to get involved, can we create a truly inclusive working environment where people want to work.

We welcome the UK Government’s commitment to gender equality, and the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting. You can access the Gender Pay Gap reports from our employing entities here:

2018 Gender Pay Gap Report Npower Yorkshire Limited

2018 Gender Pay Gap Report Npower Limited

2017 Gender Pay Gap Report: Npower Yorkshire Limited

2017 Gender Pay Gap Report: Npower Limited


Our npower jobs site lets you stay up to date with some amazing career opportunities.

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Standards of Conduct

We want our customers to have complete confidence in us as their energy supplier. That's why, when Ofgem introduced the Standards of Conduct, we saw it as a great opportunity to show just how committed we are to treating our customers fairly.

What does that mean, in practice? It means behaving the right way, making sure our processes are fit for purpose for all customers and providing information that’s clear and accurate for customers. We understand customers may be in a vulnerable situation so we make sure they are treated appropriately for their circumstances. Working this way makes us fairer in the way we work and makes a real difference for all of our customers.