Your Environment

Your Environment

From social clubs to our recycling efforts, you spend a lot of time at work so we put every effort into ensuring you enjoy, and are proud of, where you work.


Work is a big part of our lives.
We’re making it easier to balance the time we spend working, against the time we spend with friends and family. It's an exciting idea - it's called Agile working. What does this mean in practice? Well, depending on their role, Agile working empowers our people to find their own work style, choosing where, when and how they do things to complete their objectives.

Our sites

Our business covers a whole range of operations and that’s seen in our locations. You could find yourself in the field or in a modern office block.

All of our sites are so different so we can’t give an overview of them all here. However, most have subsidised restaurants, some have gyms and in our Swindon office you can even get your haircut.

Property Sustainability

We host electric charging points at several of our key sites- these points can be used by our people free of charge should they purchase an electric vehicle.

Continual Improvement

We are proud to remain the only energy company to have received triple certification to the Carbon Trust Standard. We were awarded triple certification to the Carbon Trust Standard for achievements in reducing carbon, water and waste from our offices.

As part of our commitment to continue to reduce energy and waste and encourage recycling across our sites, we are certified to ISO14001 and ISO50001 for Environmental and Energy management.

Every one of our employees has a part to play to ensure we achieve carbon and waste reduction targets at their site and support our continual improvement programmes under the internationally recognised standards.