Your voice

Your Voice

At npower your opinion counts.

Business Review Forum

Our Business Review Forum (BRF) provides a vehicle for senior managers of the business to meet with employee and trade union representatives on a regular basis.

The Forum considers matters that relevant to the development and future direction of the business: it looks at things that are of common concern or interest to the Company, its employees and the trade unions. It may only deal with matters that wouldn't normally be dealt with under other Committees and formal arrangements for the determination of pay and conditions of employment, and focuses on consultation and information at a strategic level.


We all know that good communication works both ways.

That’s why we embrace a whole host of channels to make sure that you get information when you want it, how you want it - and that your voice is heard loud and clear. As well as the more formal channels you’d expect, such as online news, team briefings, onsite@ and visual displays - we’re working hard to bring our digital technology up to speed giving you the flexibility to choose how and when you hear the news.

We have an online network where people can share their views, ask questions of others and get involved in the latest debate. All this insight gets reported back to the Leadership team to make sure that we keep focused on the right things.

We run more formal surveys which are a great opportunity for you to tell us how you’re feeling. We have one full survey a year, and of course we share the results with everyone - as well as the actions!

We also run focus groups throughout the year allowing for more in-depth discussions, which again gets fed back to our Leadership team.

Our Leadership team also run ‘Let’s Talk’ sessions on site. These go down really well and are a great source of hearing the news first hand. There is also the option to link into our Live Broadcasts, led by a member of the Leadership team.