Your wellbeing

Your Wellbeing

Healthy People, Healthy Business

Healthy Mind helpline

Did you know by dialling the Healthy Mind Helpline you can discuss any emotional problems (whether work related or not) with a trained counsellor, in complete confidence. The helpline can lead to face to face counselling if required, and is also available to your family members over the age of 16 in the same household. More details can be found on the Occupational Health intranet site

Occupational Health and Wellbeing

Keeping you Happy and Healthy at Work

At npower, we are committed to your health and wellbeing and believe that it should be easy to make healthy choices at work! We are a Mindful Employer and have signed up to the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal to ensure we actively support our people to look after their mental and physical health and wellbeing. This includes promoting exercise and mindfulness, providing healthier restaurants and support services, helping people to stop smoking and build their resilience and also running wellbeing events including health checks.

The Occupational Health and Wellbeing (OH&W) team is there to support our UK based staff. We are a SEQOHS accredited service aiming to promote employee wellbeing, make sure you're fit for your job and support management in the prevention of work related ill health. All our UK Businesses can call upon OH&W's Consultant Occupational Physicians and team of qualified OH Nurses for advice and support.

- Getting back to work after being off sick
- Adjustments to your work or workplace to enable you to remain at work
- Advice if you believe work is causing your health problem
- Achieving and maintaining good mental wellbeing
- A healthy lifestyle

Public Health responsibility deal

npower has become a partner in an important government initiative – the Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD). Companies that have signed up recognise that they can contribute to improving public health by enabling people to make healthier lifestyle choices.

At npower, we are committed to your health and wellbeing and believe that it should be easy to make healthy choices at work!

Under the PHRD, we have made formal pledges in a number of areas including promoting physical activity, providing healthier restaurants, running wellbeing events (including health checks) and helping people to stop smoking.

Your Health, Safety & Security

Health and safety is a critical issue for us.

We've set ourselves high standards and established strong leadership to make sure appropriate measures and training are always in place.

Protecting our employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the general public from ill health or harm has the highest priority for us - and we do a lot to general promote wellbeing among our employees, too. We:

- manage risks to help prevent accidents and injuries;
- create a culture that rewards safe behaviour;
- promote risk awareness;
- help employees who have been injured or are unwell to return to work;
- regularly investigate, monitor and report on health and safety and security;
- benchmark and audit our performance against best practice.

We take every measure to protect everyone we work with. And as our business changes, we’ll keep reviewing our health and safety risks and policies to make sure they’re still relevant and fit for purpose.